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What does Creative Commons mean?

Creative Commons is a simple way of us letting you know your rights when reusing the content on this site. We hope you find https://help.turnitin.com a useful resource, but we understand that a website is not always the ideal way of training your institution in using Turnitin.

Any content you see with the logo means:

  • You are free to re-use this content in your own documentation or training materials
  • You can adapt, remix, transform, and rework it to suit the needs of your institution.
  • We ask that you give us a shout out. A link back to https://help.turnitin.com would be ideal, our site is constantly updated with new articles and works as the perfect complement to your own training!
  • You can use it for any non-commercial purposes.
  • While we have not made it a requirement, we'd ask that you consider sharing any changes you make to our documentation under a similar license to this one.

You might find a couple of pages still with a copyright notification. These pages are showing off the latest Turnitin features and products that may still be in their beta phase. Don't worry, once they're ready for the prime time they'll become available under this license too!