Edit folder settings

The Settings tab within a folder allows you to customize the folder’s settings. From within the folder settings, there are three tabs; Folder Options, Report Filters and Phrase Exclusions.

Folder Options

The Folder Options tab contains the options you chose in the folder creation screen. This information can be updated at any time.

Report Filters

The Report Filters tab allows you to manage a list of URLs that are filtered out of the matching content search when a report is being generated for the folder. To add a URL to be filtered place it within the URL field and select the Add URL button to add that URL to the report filters.

When adding a URL, the URL may be as specific or general as you wish. Here are some examples:

To remove a URL once it has been added, select the red x icon to the right of the URL’s name.

Phrase Exclusion

The Phrase Exclusions tab allows you to add and remove phrases that will be excluded from the Similarity Check for every submission in this folder.

Select the Add a new phrase link to create a new phrase to be excluded from the Similarity Check. Enter the phrase you want to exclude in the Phrase text box and select Create to add it to the list of excluded phrases.

If you do not want to create a phrase to exclude at this time select the Back to list link to return to the Phrase Exclusions tab or Back to folder to return to the folder view.