Resubmission settings

The Resubmit tab within a folder allows you to customize the folder’s resubmission settings. Resubmission will allow you to check if your content has appeared anywhere (online or in our database) since your last submission.

You need to purchase resubmission tokens to resubmit.

The resubmit option may not be enabled for your account.

Submission schedule

The schedule type is the frequency that a folder will resubmit documents. You can select a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

End schedule

The End Schedule setting will dictate when the schedule ends. You can set this to number of resubmission occurrences, or you can end it at a certain date.

When the similarity index threshold is reached, iThenticate will stop checking for similarity. The similarity index is explained below.

Email Notification

The email notification section is where you set a similarity index and content tracking index threshold.

The Similarity index threshold refers to the overall similarity score given to a paper. If the similarity score of a paper in the folder exceeds the threshold set, you will receive an email notification.

The Content Tracking index threshold refers to the All Sources section of the similarity report. If a single source exceeds the similarity threshold set, you will receive an email notification.

An email will be automatically sent to you when a resubmitted paper exceeds either of the threshold levels set. Any documents that include a report that exceeds either threshold will not be resubmitted further.

Override document resubmission

Resubmission settings can be set for individual documents as well. This can be done from the Edit document information page.

This option will allow the folder schedule to override schedules set on individual documents.