Private Repositories/Node

It is possible for organizations to purchase a private custom repository/node for their iThenticate account. A private repository will allow you to upload documents to compare future submissions against.

You can learn more about how to set up a private repository in our administrator guidance.

If a private repository has been enabled for your account, you will see the following options when you go to upload a document (with the exception of the Drag & Drop option):

If you want to generate a report without saving the document to your custom repository, select Generate Report Only.

If you want to generate a report and save the document to your customer repository, select to Document Repository & Generate Report.

If you want to save the document to your custom repository without generating a report, select to Document Repository Only.

If your account does not have a private repository enabled, any documents you upload to iThenticate will not be saved in any searchable database, and therefore cannot be used as a source of comparison for future submissions.

Documents that have been added to a repository but have then been deleted will remain searchable and continue to compare against future submissions until they have been deleted from the Trash folder. Only after a document has been permanently deleted from the Trash folder, will it no longer compare against future submissions. Please allow a processing time of a few minutes after the deletion before considering the document unindexed. After 90 days, the file will be completely erased from our system.